You have found your way to the web site of the Three Fates. That's right, the THREE FATES. (Of course we have a web site. This is the 21st century. Everyone has a web site these days.)

Mankind has given us many different names over the ages: the Moirae, the Norns, the Parcae, The Wyrd Sisters, the Three Sisters, Laimas, Morrigan...for simplicity's sake, let's just stick with the Greek version. We are the three women who handle the threads of human life.

So, if you really want to know what we have chosen for you, click the TELL ME ALL button at the bottom of the page. Unless you chicken out, of course. We don't blame you. (Mortals are rather skittish on the whole.)

Quality of Life, determined by Clotho

Clotho selects the fabric of each human life.

Quantity of life, determined by Lachesis

Lachesis measures the thread of each human life.

Manner of death, determined by Atropos

Atropos cuts the thread of life.

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The Three Fates art on this page, used without permission, are by artist Janet Stahle-Fraser.
You can check out her stuff here.